GENERAL (a selection of non-osteopathic links which may be of interest)

  • Spine Universe - a good general website with some interesting articles
  • Instant Anatomy - a fantastic site for exploring human anatomy in a clear and simple way
  • Stretching - a good site for reviewing and showing all major muscle group stretches
  • Medline Plus - a great site for general medical information
  • Headaches - a good site giving comprehensive information on headaches, authored by a neurologist
  • Risks of Treatment - an excellent site giving practical and easy to understand information on the risks and benefits of medicines
  • Trigger Points - see this excellent introduction on Neil Asher's site
  • - a community based site offering a different (I think more up-to-date) take on dietary advice for this condition
  • Gut Health & Pro-biotics - a very good selection of different strains of gut bacteria
  • NestMaven - a useful web portal aimed at advising and helping on all types of sleep and sleep hygiene issues

OSTEOPATHY (important osteopathy specific websites)

NCOR | Providing leadership and unity in osteopathic research development

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS AND BOOKS (these are all products that I really rate and suggest you consider)

  • Spina-Bac - this back support device (sold by Applied Healthcare Ltd) is great for use in the car, or even the PC chair
  • Water pillow - this water pillow - sold by Mediflow - is simply the best solution for those people who are never quite happy with a regular pillow
  • Fantastic book on posture, movement and back pain - this has to be one of the best books I've come across on this subject - read it, implement it, and it will make a difference!
  • MRI imagingthis facility in Wimpole St, London can provide MR scanning for circa £250.00 (less at weekends) including a radiologist's report