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Increased intake of fish can boost good cholesterol levels ...

If you are one of those people who does not eat oily fish, the advice to start doing so does seem to have some solid evidence.

See this article, for example. Whether the same benefits can be gained by consuming fish oil supplements has not (I think) been established.

Pretty much the only argument for the supplement over the actual fish is that for wild, ocean / sea caught fish, there may be quantities of pollutants (mercury, dioxins etc.) that are not found in the highly refined supplements we see in the shops. And we can assume (can we?) that farmed fish swim in waters that are less polluted (but with added antibiotics?).

But for an adult, the quantities we are talking about might not matter too much. But for children, especially toddlers, and definitely for mothers who are planning to conceive or who are pregnant, supplements would be safer.



Statins - the controversy rages on ...

Today’s report in The Guardian is quite a good summary of the issues.

NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) is perhaps not as independent from the drug company’s agenda (of getting as many people as possible to take statins) as it should be.

Today’s NICE decision to increase the prescription of statins to adults with a low risk of cardiac or stroke events, despite the combination of low efficacy of these statins drugs AND the fact that one in five who take them experience significant side-effects, is quite strange, especially at a time of financial strain in the NHS.

It seems to me that NICE comes across as all nice (sorry) and ethical when it comes to drugs that treat a relatively smaller group of patients, and which have a valuable role (for example, cancer drugs), because they are not major money spinners for big pharma and big pharma has less of an incentive to ‘manage’ governments and their quasi indepedent medical advisory boards.

But extending drugs like statins across the entire adult population is a massive business opportunity for big pharma, despite the older statins now no longer being under patent.



Statins - More Concerns ...

It seems that, after all, they may not be the wonder drug for the millions that the drug companies have been claiming …