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Evidence Accumulating That Friendly Bacteria Essential For Health...

95% of the cells ‘in’ our gastro-intestinal tract are the teeming trillions of different types of bacteria, a lot of which have a symbiotic relationship with us.

In other words, they eat our food, but in exchange they provide a number of beneficial functions including synthesising vitamins, aiding digestion and the regulation of the large bowel, and - crucially - competing with other hostile (definitely not symbiotic) bacteria.

So there is a constant ebb and flow in a healthy gut of a kind of balance of power between our ‘good’ bacteria and the not so good bacteria.

Once we realise this, and note that the vast proportion of immune system tissue lines our gut tube, it is not difficult to see how disturbances to our gut eco system caused by nasty bouts of diarrhoea, or by prolonged use of antibiotics (which target ALL bacteria in our gut, not just the nasty ones), may have major effects on the regulation of our digestive and immune systems.

And healthy gut function and a healthy immune system are essential for a general sense of well being and vigor!

For example, check out this recent research …





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